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Zlatan Ibrahimovic: I’m Not Arrogant

A lot has been said in the past about Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The Swede is one of the most decorated footballers of all time, and will go down in history as one of the best ever. The 34-year-old has won just about everything, everywhere he has been, and prepares to keep up that tradition in the Premier League with Manchester United.

Ibra has just spoken exclusively to Sky Sports in an interview where he declares, ‘I’m not arrogant’ – despite him being known as such by many across the world. The former Milan, Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain forward has been known to make outrageously arrogant statements in the past, such as “A World Cup without me is nothing to watch” before the World Cup 2014.

However, the striker insists he is actually a dedicated family man and his self-confidence should be seen as a strength.

“I’m a normal person.” he told Geoff Shreeves in an exclusive interview for Sky Sports.

“People have the image of me that I’m a bad boy; I’m this and I’m that. People are curious: ‘How is this Zlatan?’

“I’m a family guy. I’m taking care of my family, but when I come on the pitch I’m a lion. That’s the big difference. I don’t believe I’m arrogant in the way that people think. I’m confident. I believe in myself. That’s not being arrogant. That’s something I believe is an individual strength in the human being.”

“I have confidence and I believe in myself. I have a vision and I do everything. I work hard for it. I don’t believe that’s arrogant.”

You can be as arrogant as you like, Zlatan, but if you bring goals to United you’ll be remembered fondly by all. Given his record for all the clubs in all the leagues he has played in not to mention his leading Sweden vitually on his own to decades of over-achievement who would bet against him being a massive success at United and leading them to silverware.

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