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Manchester To Build £100million Attack

It feels like a lot is going to go down this summer as generations are about to change and clubs are about to spend big. Manchester United will probably be part of that group given the fact that LVG is very likely to be replaced by a new manager and players like Carrick, Valencia and Rooney will take a step back and focus on the good of the team rather than on their own careers. Even if a lot of names have been thrown out there when thinking about who is going to replace Van Gaal, Pep Guardiola looks like the most likely to take over Manchester United. If that happens he will bring some new players, one of which would be exactly what Old Trafford needs. According to Metro, Robert Lewandowski could be the man to turn United’s attacking line into a £100million deal. Recent news hinted towards a possible rupture between him and club which will be taken over by Carlo Ancelotti at the end of this season.

Guardiola is heading towards the Premier League and that is a sure thing. His exact destination is not determined but some think all signs point to Old Trafford. Manchester City does not look like the club for him and Chelsea will probably be taken over by Diego Simeone. With that in mind, United remains the most likely option. Lewandowski is worth £50million and next to Depay and Martial he will be part of one of the most expensive like of strikers in the world. Rooney could take on the role of a second striker or an attacking midfielder just as he did back when Van Persie scored 30 times in the 2012-2013 season.

Rumors that Guardiola will be taking over Manchester are not the only ones pointing to Lewandowski’s arrival. According to the player’s agent the fact that Bayern Munich are looking into other strikers is a sign of disrespect that will not be disregarded that easily.