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Lukaku Reveals Pogba’s United Delight

It is not uncommon for footballers to make a move in their career with the intention of making more money. In fact, with more and more players venturing over to China and America to ply their trade it seems as if money is taking over the loyalty in football. Players will break traditions, betray their beloved clubs by moving to their arch rivals and halt their careers to play in some obscure foreign league – all for a bigger pay cheque. However, as much as there is money chasing in football – there are still some good guys out there who know what it means to play for the club they represent.

Now it might not sound like a perfect example of loyalty, but Paul Pogba’s world record move to Manchester United last summer saw the Frenchman return to the club where his career began from a young age. It is no secret that Pogba had plenty of cash thrown at him by United, but despite all the figures and the longevity of the transfer, it is good to know that the midfielder feels like he is ‘home’ at United and longed to return to the club after 4 years away at Juventus.

Close friend and Everton striker Romelu Lukaku was with Pogba when the transfer to United was completed, and when speaking to Sport/Foot Magazine, the Belgian international talked about how happy Pogba was when the deal was done. As the Independent report, Lukaku had this to say on the matter:

“There were maybe ten people surrounding him with briefcases and contracts inside.”

“When everything was signed, and I’ve known Paul for many years, I’ve never seen him with that look on his face. I’d never seen him so happy.”

“This return to United, it had nothing to do with money. It was a relief, a real happiness for him. We only spoke once about football during our holidays this summer, when we were at a pool in LA, and he was telling me about his dream to return to United.”

“That’s when I understood what it meant.”

It is nice to know that Pogba didn’t just follow the money when joining United again. We all know Pogba is a world beater, thankfully it is United who will benefit from it the most and we look forward to watching him showcase his immense talent over the course of his entire 5 year contract.