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Dream Trio To Secure Manchester United’s Future?

Real Madrid’s transfer ban is bound to trigger some very important moves, most involving big names. Manchester United could take advantage of this situation which even though not yet settled, is still making Real Madrid officials scratch their heads in terms of future transfers. When it comes to United, one player could fill in a massive gap left unfilled since Giggs and Scholes left Old Trafford. His name: James Rodriguez. This 24-year-old would be the perfect no.10 for LVG’s side who are currently improvising with Herrera and Mata. According to the Daily Star the transfer could be facilitated by the fact that Zidane is not that happy with how the Colombian youngster is performing. The midfielder was thinking about leaving even since the beginning of the season after being left on the bench on several occasions. It would be a win-win situation for all parties involved. If Rodriguez comes to Old Trafford, he is more than likely to become a team regular. Unfortunately, there’s still the memory of Di Maria lingering around the stadium. He was one of the biggest disappointments in the club’s history, regardless of the reason behind that. Basically his inability to adapt got him sent off to Paris where is now scoring goal after goal. This and the price that is attached on the Colombian could interfere with what could be a home-run for United.

The second high-end transfer that could turn Manchester into what it once was is that of John Stones. Everton’s 21-year-old center back who is sought by Chelsea as well, could pair up with Phil Jones or Smalling to create a Vidic-Ferdinand-like couple. All three defenders are young and a durable relation could develop. A relation that could bring down any attack. The only thing standing between Manchester and this move is an alleged release clause of £40m.

The third transfer, even though not as fancy as the other two, is definitely something to consider. Genoa’s Mattia Perin could be replacing the already departed Victor Valdes. With the Italian around, De Gea’s absence would not be such a problem. Perin is one of the most expensive keepers out there and could bring a lot of security to the defense.