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Di Maria Gives Up On United

Di Maria’s transfer to Manchester United last summer came with so much anticipation and excitement. Britain’s most expensive player came to Manchester and started with a bang. Unfortunately, since his arrival, his time at Old Trafford has been bitterly disappointing.

Despite the Argentine’s brilliant start, his form very quickly dipped, the reasoning for this could be debated for hours. Whether it’s the English game, Van Gaal’s tactics or even the families shake up of being robbed at their home whilst eating dinner. Whatever the reasoning is, there’s no reason whatsoever to call it a day at the biggest club in the world.

It’s not all doom and gloom for the British transfer record holder, he managed 10 assists for United last season, the second highest in the league. But this record was overshadowed by his clear lack of effort and his inconsistency.

For £60 million, you’d be expecting a player who can terrorise teams and punish them for their slighest hiccups. A player who can score goals, assist and spark brilliance individually even when the side is at melting point in a game.

With di Maria, United fans hoped his first season woes would be put behind him, and his intent to stay on and fight to make his name at the club would come to light. Unfortunately, despite telling the world he want’s to prove himself at United, di Maria looks set to quit Old Trafford.

It will go down as one of the most disappointing transfers of all time in United’s books. A No 7 who made the team of the year in the previous season by winning the Champions League and reaching the World Cup final, but a player who ultimately gave up on the club who invested so much to gain his services.

The fact the Argentine decided to miss the plane to USA in order to avoid meeting up with the squad shows exactly the situation we’re dealing with here. A player who doesn’t want to achieve at the biggest club in the world.

It’s a massive shame to say this, but United must let the player go. £45 million? Take it. Take the £15m+ hit on the 27-year-old, because if he doesn’t have the passion to simply turn up to work, why should he wear that legendary No 7 shirt, or indeed wear the red colours of Manchester United?