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Are These LVG’s Two Winter Transfers?

Once again the January transfer window is yet to turn out even remotely as exciting as rumored. Everyone gets hyped up in December thinking that big deals will go down but that`s rarely the case. There is still hope as there are just a couple more hours left until the end of the winter mercato.

According to the Independent, Manchester United is pushing for two very interesting transfers, one of which will be completed now but will take effect after the season ends. The other move which is expected to take effect as of next week is that of 18-year-old Renato Sanches. Seen as one of the most promising youngsters out there, the Benfica midfielder is possibly one of LVG’s more interesting transfers. If rumors are true, United have gone all in just as they did with Martial. Apparently, a £30m bid is pending for Benfica’s to reply to. Even though it is a massive bid for a player this young, it could be a home run. Currently seen as one of the most efficient midfielders of his generation, Sanches is expected to become Carrick’s replacement. The 34-year-old Carrick who spent his past 10 years playing for Manchester United could hang up his boots soon enough.

United would turn this into their first move of 2016, and what a move it would be. There is another transfer that could top it all off. Romelu Lukaku is linked to a massive £65m deal that will bring the former Chelsea man to Old Trafford. It would be a brilliant investment as the Belgian international has proven he can provide quality and consistency season after season. Now second in the PL standings with 15 goals, Lukaku would probably be my first choice, ahead of players like Cavani, Lacazette or even Lewandowski. Even though the Poland international is brilliant, he has no experience in the Premier League and could represent bit of a gamble, a gamble that Manchester will not go for after the whole Di Maria deal. The only downside of Lukaku’s probable arrival is that his move will be finalized in June even if he signs the papers right now. Even so, he would be worth the wait.