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After Southampton Loss United Losing Chance At Next Year’s Champions League?

Another very average performance by Van Gaal’s men leaves Manchester United 5 points behind Tottenham and just a lost game away of falling to 8th place which could mean another year without any European games for a team that once was thinking about how to win the final not how to make its way to the group stages. The game against Southampton was in tune with the atmosphere in recent times at Old Trafford as the only thing that got the fans attention was a mouse that skipped along the pitch at some point. A scarcity in chances and lacking any excitement during the first 70 minutes, the match ended badly for United who were maybe thinking of a draw instead of a win. Rooney looked like among the few who actually could make a difference. Mata looked clumsy and Herrera was fairly non-inexistent. Schneiderlin sadly was fairly benign and had little to no influence over the game. Martial was again decent and would have been a lot better if given the right circumstances. If he would have players like Scholes or Giggs on the pitch next to him, he would definitely shine. Unfortunately, it`s not the case right now.

Aside from losing LVG lost yet another defender. Darmian took a nasty hit from one of his opponents and was replaced pretty early in the game. No news yet on what exactly happened but he might end up with some bruised ribs and a small concussion after seeing him get hit and reports of him going to the hospital after spitting blood.

This is Manchester United’s 6th defeat of the season. The most worrying thing is not that, it`s the lack of perspective. LVG looks like the opposite of what Manchester’s spirit used to look like. No one says that being coolheaded is a downside, but it would be nice to see players and fans enjoy their interaction with their manager as much as Liverpool people love Klopp. The ship may not have sailed for Van Gaal and his style of football but many of the media and bookies still think he will probably leave at the end of the season. Rumors have it that Southampton’s Ronald Koeman would be a possible solution behind the option of Pep Guardiola. An early Van Gaal departure seems unlikely. Regardless of what happens, Manchester United need their spark back.